The employees of Transneft Security seized the suspects in committing the illegal tapping at petroleum products pipeline

Date of publication: 23 October 2017 Print

On 22 October 2017, the leakage detection system activated on the trunk oil pipeline section located on the border of Novgorod and Lipetsk regions.

Mobile squads of Kirishi and Yaroslavl branches of Transneft Security - Baltic Interregional Directorate of Departmental Security - found the illegal offshoot of the illegal tapping at petroleum products pipeline. As a result of the security and search activities, a man suspected of having committed the tapping was found and seized in the forest area 700 meters away from the offshoot.

During the investigative operations, the police officers with the assistance of departmental security employees arrested two more citizens also suspected of the crime at Taltsy railway station (Lyubytinsky District of Novgorod Region).

Now the illegal tapping is eliminated; investigative actions are performed regarding the arrested persons.