Concerning the results of the annual conference of heads of the Transneft Security Divisions branches and security divisions of Transneft subsidiaries

Date of publication: 16 February 2017 Print

On 15 February 2017 the third annual conference on methods was held in Moscow gathering heads of branches (interregional directorates of departmental security) of Transneft Security Divisons and heads of security divisions of Transneft subsidiaries.

The major focus of the conference was to develop agreed solutions to a set of issues regarding security assurance and anti-terrorism security of the company’s facilities.

When delivering his report Vladimir Rushailo, Vice President of Transneft, stated that security issues are now becoming especially relevant and are a major focus of interest for the country’s leaders.

“The process of evolvement is over for Transneft Security Divisions. During more than two years of operation the administrative staff and heads of branches have obtained considerable experience and now we have the right to demand that adequate quality be ensured while the tasks assigned to departmental security staffs are being fulfilled” — Vladimir Rushailo stated.

In his speech Viacheslav Bolakhnin, Director General of Transneft Security Divisons, summarized the results of the company’s operation in the previous year and announced the priority areas of activity for 2017.

In the course of the conference a comprehensive analysis was presented covering the current situation in the sphere of security of Transneft’s facilities and linear oil trunk pipeline sections. The main issues arising in the process of solution of security assurance tasks were discussed and the respective solution experiences were shared.

To sum up the results, the event attendees stated the need to continue developing cooperation between the security divisions of Transneft subsidiaries and branches of Transneft Security Divisions  in order to avoid and prevent illegal interventions into the facilities under security.